Visualizing Graph Patterns

OData support
Dr. Ujhelyi Zoltán
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

Nowadays model driven development is on the uprising in the field of software development. During development the emphasis is on the designing phase instead of the implementation of the code. The developers for their design use high level abstraction models. From these models the source code can be generated through model. To evade design phase errors model driven validations are needed. The EMF-IncQuery framework developed at the Department of Measurement and Information Systems provides opportunity to specify high level model driven queries and an efficient execution. However the framework can be used over any object oriented data structure not just for error detection. The queries can be specified the declarative way, so the knowledge of how the queries are executed is not necessary.

A popular way of handling the model instances is representing them as a graph. The EMF-IncQuery uses graph pattern formalism for query definition that specifies the query given the structure of the graph pattern. The queries could only be given using text editor. The graphic representation of the graph patterns stands closer to human thinking. Furthermore the query’s complexity can hardly be understood using text editor.

During my thesis I’m going to implement a visualization software module integrated in the EMF-IncQuery framework. The visualisation will be an interactive view which hosts 2 graphs. The call graph’s task will be the visualization of the relationship between patterns, the content graph’s pattern’s inner structure. The 2 graph will differ in their form and formalism. During the design of the view I’ll present the view’s opportunities and limitations keeping the user’s needs in sight. I will present the used technology and algorithms, the implemented software with its functions. At the end of the thesis I’ll evaluate my work and present the opportunities of expansion.


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