Automatically creating a virtual model of a plant

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Oláh István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In the first part I describe the attributes and the developmental tendencies of the current industrial automatization. I mention the field of Industry 4.0 and how my thesis is connected to these. I talk about where the topic takes place in the world. After that I present the advantages of the virtual installation in detail.

In the second part I show the planning of the task accomplishment. I split the whole task into parts, then demonstrate the solution, tools and softwares of the particular subassemly.

In the third part of my thesis I make a mention of the first part of the exact implementation, thus the ellaboration of the drafts and specification of the image processing algorythm.

The second part of the implementation is the automatic construction of the virtual model. In this chapter I generate the model of the 3D objects, review the method of the generation of the conveyor and its possibilities.

In the sixth part of my thesis I introduce the workflow, where the solutions can be used which I described in the previous chapters. I implemented the PLC code in a 3D virtual enviroment, which is based on a draft. Here will be introduced the construction of the PLC code.

In the last part of the thesis I evaluate the results, summarize the edifications, furthermore I bring forward motions to a fully automatic solution in a developer scope of industrial automatization in an electrical engineering aspect.


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