Optimized functional test concept for manufacturing of industrial data acquisition devices

OData support
Kovács Gábor
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

My thesis was written at Balluff-Elektronika Kft., at the Balluff Networking department. This department of the company is responsible for the developement of industrial data acqusition devices. My role was to develop an optimized test concept for these devices, which can be used during production.

At first I learned about the theory of the manufacturing technology of electronic devices, and about the in-production testing methods.

After that I examined these production and testing methods in practice at Balluff. I got to know the test equipment, and the measurements made during the functional test of these data acqusition devices. I figured out how much time these test steps take, and I examined the alternative options to implement these measurements.

After that I got to know the hardware of these devices, I figured out how the circuit works. The industrial networking devices made by Balluff use IO-Link communication protocol, so I had to learn about this as well.

Finally I developed an embedded software, which can be used during

in-production testing. The software is made of a self test module, and a test application which supports the functional tests.


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