Development of a manufacturing software for medical devices

OData support
Nagy Ákos
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Majority of the people is suffering from broken bone at least once during their lifetime. In better cases the bone injury is minor, for example a broken finger, but more severe bone fractures are also occurring often. The treatment starts with restoring the bone to its natural position, then the immobilization is needed until the fracture closes up. For the appropriate fixation plaster or cast might not be enough, hence the bone is immobilized using surgical screws or nails. For this, drilling into the injured bone is necessary. Technologies until nowadays were requiring the usage of X-ray radiation for positioning the drill. As the regular X-ray exposure is harmful to humans, Hexuim Műszaki Fejlesztő Kft. developed a positioning device based on measurements of magnetic fields.

My target is to develop a software for supporting the production of this device. My thesis contains a brief description about the positioning device, production process and problems concluded from its analysis. The document also presents production supporting program written by me in c# platform using WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) based GUI. Last, the summary of my work is written along with the improvement possibilities.


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