Design of a Manufacturing Process for a Safety-Critical System

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Kökényesi Tamás
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

During the development of microcontroller-based systems, the process of manufacturing the self-developed printed circuit boards (PCBs) is critical. It has to be taken into account even more, when developing safety-critical systems, where not only the manufacturing, but the final testing also becomes more important. This process brings a whole lot more factors and problems to the project, like the selection of the manufacturing technology or the creation of a proper registry, so it needs the appropriate and sufficient planning. The usage of an incorrect technology can easily result in the abandonment of whole PCB series. The appropriate final factory tests can reveal PCB errors in time, so these do not spread further, therefore they do not cause larger expenses while being repaired.

In my thesis, I devise a manufacturing and final testing process for the ProSigma railway safety-critical system of Prolan Process Control Corporation. Apart from the actual manufacturing technology, which was previously selected by Prolan after the experience of preceding manufacturing and consultation with the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, my task was to create, organize and implement an integral process of production. This process consists of the programming of integrated circuits, final testing and finalization of all the PCBs of the system, while also handling the proper administration. The whole process is supervised by a Manufacturing Program, and supported by one of my former projects, the Firmware Manager Program, both of which are written in Java. My thesis also presents the architecture and implementation of this Manufacturing Program.

An important part of my work is the final factory testing of ProSigma elements. Generally speaking, every company makes factory testing, however, these tests are sometimes made up of only statistical processes. These statistical test are not adequate for systems like ProSigma, where malfunctioning can easily cause deaths. This is why the whole manufacturing is strictly monitored.

My thesis builds up on my previous works at university, like my Bsc thesis. All of these support the system integration from the very beginning to the final users of the system.


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