Design of the electrical power connection of factory buildings and designing the load management with PLC

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Dr. Iváncsy Tamás
Department of Electric Power Engineering

My project work was to plan the distribution of electricity of a factory. First of all I calculate the gross and actual power of main distributors of buildings and the coincidence factor and utilization factor of consumers. After I choose the electrical equipment of mains and I introduce them. Then I present the modes of contact protection: TT-system, TN-systems and IT-system. Afterward I wrote about the overvoltage and the overvoltage protection.

Furthermore I am aware of the power and current values, I can calculate the minimal cross section of wires, the voltage drops, the maximum length of wires and the values of the fault current. Then I calculate the reactive power of the distributors and based on these calculations I refer phase modifiers for each distributors. I demonstrate how operates the PLC the circuit breakers and how works the PLC with the signals of current and voltage of buses.

Finally my last exercise was to draw the electrical plans. These are found in the Appendix:

• Distributors sketching pad

• The one-line plans of the FE-1 distributor

• The one-line plans of the FE-2 distributor

• The one-line plans of the FE2-2 distributor

• The one-line plans of the Control Center (PLC)


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