Electronic verification of the result of a product inspection followed by a manual waste product selection process

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Stubán Norbert Géza
Department of Electronics Technology

During my time at Infineon Technologies Cegléd ltd. I had the opportunity to get familiar with the manufacturing process of all the 62 mm Single Switch and Half Bridge type power amplifier modules. To obtain a deeper knowledge about the manufacturing process I observed the actual process by studying the work instructions.

In order to eliminate the mistakes caused by human factors through the X-ray examination process, the need of an inspection system has emerged. At the beginning I investigated the possibilities of implementing a system, which can be carried out with maximum operating efficiency.

The system consists of distance sensors mounted on lead template, controller units between the sensors and the PC, speakers for warning purposes, wiring and the PC software. This latter software was written by one of the employees of the Infineon, whom I’d like to acknowledge the help.

I carried out the designing, programming and the physical implementation of the sensors. Furthermore socketing, wiring and creation of connection surface for the lead template used in the X-ray device were implemented by me as well.

I’ve tested all possible events during the X-ray procedure with a complete lead template, control unit and PC software.


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