Enterprise Asset Managment module integration into QAD EA system

OData support
Dr. Szikora Béla
Department of Electronics Technology

I present a special business process, the maintenance of the producing assets in my thesis, and I show a possible way to integrate these functions into the QAD Enterprise Applications (QAD EA) ERP system.

First of all, I describe the architecture, and the most important basic data and processes. I specify the key functions divided into three category: producing, logistics and finance, based on the relevant properties according to the thesis.

In the next chapter I demonstrate the most important data to store and manage via a specific software, the QAD Enterprise Asset Management (QAD EAM), which is built for maintaining assets. I describe in detail the data stored about the equipments and the maintenance orders (MO), which represent the maintenance work. I also expound the process of purchasing maintenance parts, and creating and using maintenance orders. Finally I show the connections between the QAD EA and the EAM and their significance.

After it, I drew up two possible concepts for integrating the data stored in the EAM into the QAD EA. I rate their advantages and disadvantages and I choose one, which I work out in detail. According to this concept I plan the required database tables, and describe the most important programs to create. I also deal with the handling of maintenance costs and the accessibility of the newly created data in separated subsections.

In the last chapter I introduce the method of defining the planned database tables and implementing the two key functions of the system, with which the maintenance of the assets and the scheduling of the preventive maintenances are possible. Finally, I run predefined, detailed tests on the two completed methods, with which I try to figure out the occurring errors.

At the end of the thesis I summarize my work and my experiences, and I suggest some opportunities to develop the existing results.


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