Software implementation of manufacturing machine's control system

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Oláh István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In the current economic enviroment, mainly due to the development of computing and process control solutions, the expectations regarding the manufactured products and production processes have changed to a great extent. The automation of production systems ensures the efficiency and also reliable and consistent quality of these products.

In my thesis I will present the changing of a pharmaceutical manufacturing machine’s control. The current process control system was installed nearly 20 years ago, and is being replaced by a modern, up-to-date solution.

In the first part of my thesis, I describe the different types of production processes, with particular emphasis on the batch processes, and the corresponding standard for batch technology automation.

The second part consists of the presentation of the actual production system, the necessary operation requirements, followed by the description of the existing- and the new process control systems and the selection criteria for the new controller hardware.

The next part of my paper describes the design aspects of the control software, the source code requirements and the designed software architecture.

The fifth chapter contains the actual implementation of the software, giving an insight into the operation principle of the most important software components, with particular regard to the recipe management and the control modules, which handle the lower level devices.

As the closing of my thesis I present the post-development testing steps, including the validation process of pharmaceutical systems, and then discuss the remaining verification procedures.


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