Automatization of control measurement in automotive production line for life protection sensor system

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Dr. Hosszú Gábor
Department of Electron Devices

My task was to participate in the development of a measurement system for measuring the PTS (Pedestrian Tube Sensor) sensor system, which was built up from two main parts: a measuring machine with safety elements and a control box which controls the measuring machine.

For testing the PTS sensor system, a repeatable and stable trigger pulse must be provided. The measuring machine is works on a gravitational principal. The testing pulse is provided by a twin-pan balance with standardized weights. The scale beam is deviated by a mechanism, the mechanism is operated by an electric motor, the electric motor is regulated by the control box

My tasks were focused on the developing of the control box. The designing tasks were including also the developing of the hardware and the writing of the embedded control software. The control box is processing the data from the sensors (two pieces of optical sensors and a high precision encoder) of the measuring machine, it controls the actuator motor on the basis of this. The control box is intended to perform the communication between the PC and the measuring machine, and to ensure the safety of the measurement under laboratory or production line circumstances.

The sensors placed in the measuring machine, informs the control box about the mechanical states of the mechanism, based on this, the measurement can be controlled. The opening sensor placed on the door and the emergency stop buttons placed on the machine are intended to cause the immediate stop of the measuring machine, this stop command cannot be overruled, to prevent the injury of the operator.


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