Electric design of a plant

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Dr. Iváncsy Tamás
Department of Electric Power Engineering

The theme of my diploma work is a complete transformation of one Hungarian pharmaceutical company’s tablet supplier system, which contains the planning of electrical control, connection and power supply. This project is made through the Hungarian Gamma Digital Ltd.

My project was a complete electrical transformation and expansion of a tablet supplier system which operating in one part of the factory. A vacuum transform system is for serving transmission of commodity, which transports the tablets certainly without damage to the packing place throught silicon pipes. During I working on my theme, I studied the available system’s operation and structure. I also get part in a highly complicated planning project. The implementation is not started yet, but all of the plans are ready to use.

The planning process contains the planning itself, the plans of cable trail and electrical planning draws. Making these plans I acquainted and get to know some special function of Eplan P8, and an another planning program named AutoCAD too. During the planning process a could study the operating of “the old sytem” and I had an opportunity to determine accidental deficiency in the interest of the new system will be planned precise.

During my work I made a whole planning process which is started from the beginning mechanical and P&ID schemas and closed with a complete planning documentation which is ready for implementation.


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