Monitoring and Controlling a Pharmaceutical Factory research center wastewater collection system using Siemens PLC

OData support
Dr. Csubák Tibor
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Nowadays process technology of large industrial enterprises is predominantly automated. Due to the size and complexity of these systems, control and technology tasks are supported by industrial PCs and PLCs. The Supervisory Control And Data Acquisiton systems and Human-Machine Interfaces enable us to monitor these processes.

The subject of my thesis is designing, implementing and testing PLC and HMI softwares for monitoring and controlling a pharmaceutical factory research center wastewater collection system and integrating a software module developed for energy monitoring.

In the first part of my thesis I demonstrate the functional requirements regarding the system. Secondly, I summarise the most relevant features of the used PLC, HMI and software development environment. Then, I demonstrate a physical model of the process control based on ANSI/ISA 88 standard and I expound how I used some principles of this model in the software development. Finally, I mention some improvement possibilites.


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