Feedback law and supervision controller design for batch production processes in a pharmaceutical company

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Dr. Kiss Bálint
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

As a result of the advances in computing and information technology based process control and due to an increasing market demand for low volume, high-value specialty industrial products, the production and automation of batch technologies are starting to gain popularity. Batch technologies differ in many ways in terms of design, scheduling and operation compared to continuous technologies.

When operating batch technologies, the main focus is on safety, economy, reproducible quality and shorter production time. There are numerous factors that have an effect on the process. The most common of these are: an incomplete knowledge of the process and changes in the composition of the raw materials. Batch systems, including batch reactors cannot easily be controlled, due to the fact that in many cases the processes do not have a stationary state and are nonlinear. This is caused most often by heat released during chemical reactions. The temperature in the reactor is controlled by cooling or heating mediums which are circulated in the jacket. The desired temperature is obtained as a result of the heat supplied or extracted through the inner wall of the double jacket.

In my thesis I will present the development of the thermal operation of a batch technology for a pharmaceutical batch reactor in DeltaV environment.


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