Image processing support for medicine production

OData support
Dr. Csorba Kristóf
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The constant development of the informatics and sensor technology enabled the automatization and monitorability of industrial processes to an ever-growing rate. Although these new methods became available since the recent past for pharmaceutical applications, due to the strict regulations, which is characteristic to the field.

To capitalize on this opportunity, the PharmaTech multidisciplinary research group was formed, with the primary objective of optimizing various pharmaceutical processes with the help of the newest available technologies. The main focus was on image processing applications, due to their non-invasive measuring method and wide range of usability.

In this paper I present the development of a framework, which enables the modular integration of various sensors, datasources and dataprocessing operations, with an option to parallelized running. During the development the support of image processing operations was a high priority.

The created solution incorporates a background application, which supports the assembly of the previously mentioned elements to a pipeline-like, multi-threaded structure and a monitoring application, which offers both configuration and control interface to the connected background process, and reports benchmarking and monitoring information.

The designed architecture and applications are to support the reusability of the developed methods and source code, as well as to help the creation of simple solutions, without the need of advanced programming skills, which could enhance the productivity of multidisciplinary developments.


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