Development of medicine usage supporting application on Java platform

OData support
Dr. Szűcs Gábor
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Medical treatments are an essential part of our life, but the treatment related

information can be rather complex and hard to follow. The goal of this thesis is the

implementation of a Java based web application, which supports the monitoring of

the medication related information for patients. The information about the medical

treatments shall be provided by an external system.

The related tools and technologies were reviewed along with the legal background of

the particular field. According to the result of the research work, the database

schema was designed and the functionalities of the web application were planned.

Communication played an important role in the planning part and was implemented

by using web service technologies to provide interoperability between the distributed


The users of the application can monitor their current or past treatments, which

contain information from the applied medicine to the doctor who made the diagnosis.

Furthermore the evaluation of the treatment is also possible by saving the level of

effectiveness for the given treatment.

The simulation of the external system was required for the proper testing of the

application, due to its unavailability. An open-source web service testing tool was

used for the simulation, which enabled the testing of different scenarios. Further

development of the application is also possible, and some of the possibilities were

provided in the summary.


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