Simulation of a pharmaceutical coating machine

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Kovács Gábor
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

In order to meet the demands of evolving technology, the use of distributed control systems, capable of effective control of complex processes, has arisen in the last decades. However, number of possible errors rise along with the complexity of the control system, and it is of paramount importance to discover and fix these errors before setting up the system for operation. Simulation is a useful method for discovering errors of the control system in the phase of development.

The thesis presents the elaboration of a simulation module for a pharmaceutical coating machine. At first the technology is introduced along with its sensors and actuators, then the hardware and software elements of the control system are presented briefly. The thesis details the methodology of simulation and its realization on a PLC using add-ons, which provide a flexible way to reuse the simulation modules in the same or in a future project. Once developed for a particular unit, simulation add-ons can be instantiated and reused for the simulation of similar subsystems.

Tests carried out on the control system of the coating machine are presented and the results are evaluated. Thanks to the applied methodology, errors of the control systems which might have arisen only during set-up have been discovered and fixed in the phase of development.


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