Yokogawa based controlling of a pharmaceutical crystallizator

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Katona László Dr.
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Automated reactors are in everyday use in today’s chemical industry, due to the simple fact that the security of the procedures and the consistent quality of the produced goods can be most effectively ensured by automated systems.

An automated reactor model specialised in executing crystallisation reactions is currently being developed by the Department of Organic Chemistry and Technology at the Faculty of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology at BME. The procedures carried out by the reactor model can be controlled by the data gained from the materials by the Raman Spectometer. Although scarcely researched, the field seems to be very promising.

The background to the model’s control system is provided by a Yokogawa FCN-PLC.

The thesis introduces the first steps of the development of the project. The main objectives are to create and test softer modules specialised in temperature control assistance, to establish communication between the PLC and the Raman Spectometer and to control the Raman Spectometer’s functions through the PLC.

The temperature control module is operated by cascade control. The linear or drastic changes in periodic temperature profiles are observed with the help of the cascade control.

The communication between the PLC and the Raman devices happens via a serial port. The operation of the Spectometer is carried out by a Visual Basic script run in the user’s software.


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