Pharmacotherapeutic decision support by mapping protocols

OData support
Dr. Hanák Péter
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

In these days the advanced state of the informatics technology allows us the decision making with computerized assistance in healthcare, medical supervision and in medical attendance. The clinical decision support systems are helpful in prescription practices, administration and in various medical decisions making. The leading mortality statistics shows that in Hungary cardiovascular diseases are the most responsible for the increasing death rate. In the development of comorbidities play a significant role not only hypertension and type 2 diabetes but also a notable high factor of unattended or mistreated cases of dyslipidemia or hyperlipidemia. Currently 600 thousand people receive lipid-lowering therapy in Hungary but according to studies this number should be 2 million. The new and in the near-future reviewed Hungarian medical guidelines are reconsidered not only in medical aspect but in finance, patient-security and health culture. The successful treatment depends not only on the lab values. There are also other factors such as age, gender, comorbidities, anamnesis, risk factors (smoking, alcohol consumption, pregnancy) influence in a great manner the appropriate treatment.

In my thesis I will present the Clinical Decision Support Systems’ (CDSS) main characteristics and their integration possibilities in existing medical systems. I will also present the final software/application module, which is basically realizing a part of a decision support system. A significant factor is by these types of structures the underlying knowledge-based database. These kinds of information are not publicly available, so my work was also extended to collect and synthetize such data in an usable form. It was a challenge to transform the medical protocol description data into an organized informatics database structure.

The purpose of this thesis is about the development process of software/application from design to implementation which gives based on Hungarian clinical guidelines drug prescription decision support for patients with chronic diseases. Moreover, a general database structure is designed which enables further extension of the application. The working software needs input data. The easiest solution would be to load this data from an outer existing database. Unfortunatelly, during the design and implementation period, it was not possible to reach such database, so a side-goal was to implement an useable interface for data input.

The main goal about the user interfaces was to design a simple output screen. During this thesis work it will be presented what architectural design steps were taken in creating the output screens which are helping the end-users’ work and not hindered it. The system shouldn’t hinder the effectiveness of the workflow with irrelevant information.

The end result is relevant module of software/application of a clinical decision support system which is capable of autonomous functioning if it was given the appropriate input data.


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