Rapid web application developement based on the framework Grails using the Java platform

OData support
Ercsényi András
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

The objective of this thesis is to demonstrate a new Web development framework, which is based on the Java platform and is one of the most effective solutions to develop a web application running on JVM.

In the development of the Grails framework flexibility, reliability and the ease of use was the main objection alongside with compatibility to common Java solutions. Although the primary language in the framework is Groovy full compatibility was ensured with the Java language and platform. During the development of Groovy the source code level compatibility with Java was taken into account regard to the fact that Java has one of the most popular enterprise development platform.

At the same time, Grails is using some time-proven solutions from the Java enterprise ecosystem such as Spring framework which also serves as Grails’s basis or the very popular Hibernate Object-Relation mapper tool.

To verify the real effectiveness of Grails I will compare its features with the Spring Web MVC framework during the development of a web application. This application will provide a service for searching on FTP servers, which were previously indexed. The application also provides a simple administration interface for removing and adding FTP servers.


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