Rapid prototype design in a real-time Linux environment

OData support
Kis László
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Experimental developments in the industry are becoming increasingly popular so-called rapid prototype design processes in these days. The point of these that used in the field of high-level graphical model designed blocks, a quick automated process to come forward with machine code, which after compilation, can be run directly from a hardware unit that you want. Such a process of time, money can save it to the usual high quality of the code remains.

The objective of this thesis is to develop a hardware platform which run real time operating sytem and control processes. The pourpose of this system is that each interface can be used for a rapid prototyping design process. The RTOS provides support of the hardware interfaces with the main unit.

The real time test of system to betide with hardware-in-the-loop method, namely a model which is a four-rotor helicopter and emulates the sensors in a platform has been tested and made to control the helicopter model, which is running the new hardware unit. The two units communicate with each other via CAN bus. The hardware device runs Linux with real-time extensions, the runing code generated from MATLAB/Simulink environment.


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