IO module development for rapid control prototyping applications

OData support
Kovács Gábor
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

During the prototype development of control systems, a device that provides access to the physical environment’s signals and makes it possible to measure and influence them, may be useful. It creates on opportunity for data acquisition and testing.

This thesis presents the development of an IO module useful for such goals. The module’s central control unit is an ESP8266 platform SoC, which by its WiFi capability, ensures flexible connection to the PC. Besides that, the device can be connected to the computer’s USB port as well. Using its digital input/output ports, it can control and communicate with other devices. The analog-digital and digital-analog converters connected to the system create the possibility of measuring and generating analog signals.

To access the services of the module a LabVIEW library was developed. The documentation of the development is a part of this thesis too. This library makes it possible to read and write the IO module’s ports one by one and in groups as well, directly from the computer. Express VIs, that create a user friendly interface are a part of this library too.


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