Design of a Simulink blockset supporting rapid control prototyping technology for motor control algorithm development

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Dr. Kiss Bálint
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

At ThyssenKrupp Presta Hungary Ltd. in Budapest we are working on the development of hardware and software modules for electrical steering systems. The motor control is one of the most critical functions in these systems. For faster and more transparent development we are using MATLAB Simulink modelling environment.

The model-based design has an important role in the initial and also in the final stages of the development process. After the first plans we are implementing the desired control in Simulink, which can be immediatly tested in simulation environment. Then with using of rapid prototyping tools we can examine the control on a real-time system. MATLAB embedded compiler makes such examination possible that we can compile our modell that built from Simulink blocks and dSPACE hardware-specific components. Then we can upload and run our software on dSPACE AutoBox. For testing the whole control we also need an inverter and a motor, then through BUS-connection we are sending the control signals to the software. The final motorcontrol components, which are running in the ECU (Electronic Control Unit) are also implemented in Simulink and compiled by another MATLAB compiler called TargetLink. In this case, it is very important that the code, which comes from the model, is fully known and verifiable. That is why it is essential to use defined and standardized Simulink library for the development, if anybody, at any time make a control, it will be unified.

Due to the above mentioned reasons it was necessary to create an unified MATLAB Simulink library, which contains simple and complex Simulink blocks with defined functionality for motor control development.


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