Ambient light system with fast reaction for monitors

OData support
Dr. Max Gyula
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In my thesis I describe an ambient light system, which was developed by me. Ambient light systems enhance the movie watching experience by projecting light behind the television depending on the actual content of the movie. I discuss briefly the history of the system, the general structure both hardware and software side, the color correction needed because the specific nature of the human eye. Furthermore I show systems built by others compared to mine and talk about the process of the development of my system. I mention the reception and decoding of the signals of an infrared remote control.

My system goes beyond other systems (or also the original Philips Ambilight) in a few ways. This is achieved by the custom developed software and hardware combination. The white balance is managed (corrected) by the hardware without decreasing the color depth, while other systems use software white balance correction reducing the number of producible colors. Also on the software side, the system uses less resources (of the computer) and has quicker response time compared to other systems. As the result of these differences, the system can accurately follow the monitor’s color presentation and reproduce quick changes of the content.


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