Using the Accelerated Improvement Method at a Software Company

OData support
Sógorné Dr. Balla Katalin
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

To produce good quality software is a real challenge and a very hard task as we have recognized since the beginning of the software crisis. The high complexity and the continuous change, are the biggest challenges we must cope with in the Software Engineering discipline. This can be overcame only by using special tools and methods.

We had to realize that there is no “silver bullet”, there is no way to deal with all the problems of this discipline, but there are organizations like the Software Engineering Institute that constantly struggle to provide new tools, that help us to get closer to a software engineering discipline that has a toolkit similar to the “traditional” branches of engineering.

These days more and more organizations realize this issue in Hungary, thus the different model based process improvement methods, like the ones that had been developed by the SEI during their nearly three decade work, are gaining focus.

In this work I describe my work at a local software development organization, where I have presented one of the freshest methods of the SEI: The Accelerated Improvement Method. I have investigated the possible use cases and created the necessary software tool support tailored to the needs of the company.


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