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OData support
Dr. Heszberger Zalán Tamás
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Cars are part of our everyday lives. Many people drive cars because of their jobs, or

even just as a private person, because it is a relatively fast and convenient way of

transportation. But just as anything else, it has costs. With today’s prices of fuel and

servicing it can be expensive to keep up a car. Everybody wants to keep these costs low.

One can influence some of these costs by paying attention to how one drives. Our

driving style influences the vehicle’s fuel consumption, the degradation of wearing parts

and overall physical amortization. The driving style has many components like how one

handles the accelerator pedal, or how fast one goes over a bump or even whether one

turns the steering wheel while the vehicle is stationary (called dry steering).

My project is to design and implement an accelerometer based driving style analyzer

system. A microcontroller based module will be placed inside vehicles, which does the

data processing. The goal is to provide statistics about how economically, how gently

the driver drives the vehicle. In order to create these statistics, I will primarily use an

accelerometer, and I will investigate the possibilities of how we can use the data

available at the vehicle’s on-board computer to optimize and enhance the accelerometer

based results.


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