Development of an HDL Code Generator Software

OData support
Kökényesi Tamás
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The Thesis Project’s goal was the creation of an HDL Code Generator Software. The program operates with a graphical user interface, where the user can connect Verilog modul represented blocks with each other. The program generates top module code from this connections.

The first part of the thesis project was some literature research int he field of graphical user interface creator programs. The final solution, the Qt framewrok and the QML language based QQuick libraries are detailed in the first part of this document. QML language examples are shown in this part.

The second part of this document has the implementation details about the C++ and QML side too. The C++ side shows the class structure, the connections between among them. The QML part of it shows every implemented functions of the graphical user interface with illustrating pictures of the working.

After all there is a final conclusion of this project, the reached goals and the gained edifications thorught the making of this project.


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