HMI and light control design for race go-kart

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Dr. Harmati István
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

In 2016 Robert Bosch Ltd. organizes the „Go-Kart Go-Bosch!” competition for the third time. This is a program for teams of universities to compete with their self-made go-kart. The cars should be equipped with the following functions: tempomat, automate parking, lean keeping, emergency braking mode, reverse mode etc... It was a goal set by the company to make a homemade go-kart to use as a reference, that have all the equipment listed above. I joined the team developing the mentioned go-kart for my thesis.

My job was to make a HMI (Human Machine Interface) and a lighting system for the reference go-kart. The HMI system was built from a touchscreen and a button table. The system had to be suitable for activating and setting the developed functions and for monitoring the data received from the CAN bus (eg.: current velocity).

To solve the problem, I had to scheme an ECU, that make a link between the used HMI touchscreen, buttons, signals and the CAN bus. During the progress I got acquainted with designing a PCB from the first step to the end (surveying the demands, choosing the parts, schematic making, PCB plotting, manufacturing, soldering) by making it by myself. I used a STM32F4 Discovery Board as the core control unit. While programming the unit I was able to use the knowledge I gained about embedded systems in practice (intermissions, UART communication, CAN communication). I used a 7-inch Amulet display for the HMI system. I made the graphical looks of the display and linked it with the designed control unit to be able to communicate with the CAN bus.

In summary I definitely could deepen my learned knowledge in practice while working on my thesis, and gained a lot of useful knowledge I can profit from in the future.


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