Usability and practical use of HMI/SCADA systems

OData support
Katona László Dr.
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

To be able to respond to the increasing international competitive pressure, it is more important than ever to consistently make full use of the potential for optimization – over the complete lifecycle of a machine or plant. Optimized processes reduce the total cost of ownership, shorten the time to market, and improve quality. This perfect balance between quality, time, and costs is now, more than ever, the decisive success factor in industry.

PCS7 SCADA system developed by Siemens is designed to ensure this balance.

The aim of the thesis is to get the author acquainted with the potential use and operation of the HMI/SCADA systems by planning and creating a general process visualization projekt. The task of the author is to creat a comprehensive demonstration project in PCS7 that capable of demonstrating the possibilities offered by the WinCC software.

Thus the author get an extensive knowledge of the structure, the operation and the place and role in the industry of PCS7 and WinCC tools.


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