Effect of DG and EVs on the LV distribution grid

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Dr. Farkas Csaba
Department of Electric Power Engineering

These days the reduction of pollution and the abandonment of fossil fuels is becoming more and more important. At this point, the solution to these problems seems to be a turn to renewable energy sources, and abandoning vehicles with the internal combustion engine in favor of those with electrical propulsion.

A number of technologies that build upon renewable energy sources exist, among those the use solar energy requres the least specific enviromental factors. Power plants of this type can be easily placed on the roofs of buildings, allowing occupants to build their household power plant according to their own needs.

Electric cars at the moment exist only in a small number because of their high price. The largest automobile manufacturers of the world are continually improving their designs to lower the initial price and to improve efficiency for this reason, electric cars can spread in large numbers worldwide in the near future.

In my thesis I will explore the effects of household power plants and electric cars on the low-voltage power grid. I will run stochastic simulations on real power grids, in which next to the most probable layout and penetration I will build in electronic vehicle chargers and small household power plants, and I will study the effects of these on the voltage quality of the affected areas.


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