HPA Monitoring System

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Dr. Dudás Levente
Department of Broadband Infocommunications and Electromagnetic Theory

My diploma task was to upgrade the monitoring device, which was built because of the faulty work of the high power amplifiers (HPA) of the TAR-2 primer radar system placed at the international airport of Ferihegy. I learned about the structure of the radar, the typical work faults, the work of the monitoring device and I fulfilled my task considering these information. Combining the experiences of the past semesters with the newly found ones I developed a measuring process which gives the ability for the monitoring device to display authentic values about the measurements. Measuring the values served by the radar the forecast of future faults is possible decreasing the time of malfunctions. During fulfilling the task I used the beta version of the operating software and I have made more functional caliber applications. For programming the instruments I have used LabVIEW software environment because the earlier experiences were came through also this environment.

I have done the test of the device using laboratory conditions so I produced a signal similar to the one used by the radar which I could use for checking the intended work of the instrument. As far as it is not guaranteed that this signal matches in all of the parameters with the real one, I have planned a measurement at the airport too but because of the limited time, technical and administrative difficulties I was not able to perform this.


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