Reengineering of HR process in enterprise environment

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Dr. Villányi Balázs János
Department of Electronics Technology

The economic environment of the companies is continuously changing, which fact should not be neglected by any of the companies, if they would like to keep their market share or to increase on the global market.

In my thesis I present one of the possible ways to progress in the process of development. I detail two possible routes of the process development, the first is the BPR (Business Process Reengineering), and the second is the CPI (Continuous Process Improvement) methodology.

Today, large companies have many different IT systems, so processes involve multiple systems. Therefore the process development is commonly associated with interface development. Hence I put great emphasis on the possible channels of communication between systems in my thesis. The SAP communication technologies are presented in details, such as the IDoc, the Batch Data Communication and the BAPI (Business Application Programming Interface).

The chosen business problem is connected to the hiring process of employees and students at the company, where I was a trainee. I present a practical methodology for BPR through this process. I describe the AS-IS and TO-BE status of a chosen process, as well as a variety of interface technologies, which I got to know and used.

The selected company process is a large complex business process, thus I present the comprehensive test and I also detail the interface testing process.

At the end of my thesis I evaluate the implementation of the project and present my acquired experience.


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