Supporting the HR processes on Ruby on Rails platform

OData support
Dr. Kővári Bence András
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Human resource management (HR) plays an important role in the life of every company. While at smaller companies the job can be done by a single person, at bigger ones this can become unmanageable even for a few people. There are several tools to support this process, however neither of them can precisely model the unique politics of the companies.

My job was to join a corporation’s development team, where we’d work on the next generation of their current HR software. Learning from the current mistakes and meeting the new requirements I’d help the design, development, testing and transmission. During this dissertation I will present my work invested in the success of this process and the results.

To develop a sufficiently sophisticated tool we needed not only the exact knowledge of the process itself, but to adapt to the feedback from the users. According to the modern trends we implemented a tool this widely used as a web application on Ruby on Rails platform.

With the help of the framework and several later discussed package I took part in the successful development of a competitive system. Over time I’ve seen into the depths of design and implementation problems and the limits of our and outer resources.


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