Implementation of HR record management application with AngularJS front-end

OData support
Dr. Villányi Balázs János
Department of Electronics Technology

The subject of my thesis was the implementation of a HR record management application, which tracks the different events regarding the employees and the recruitment process. The system keeps a register of the information about the employees and potential candidates.

My thesis describes the specific features of the HR (Human Resources) professional field and introduces the possibilities of applying information technology to this area.

The project demonstrates the designing of the recruitment process, including the procedure of the interviewing and taking new candidates into the system.

The thesis presents the different functionality of the application and the trade-offs from a software engineer’s point of view.

In the project several functionalities have been implemented for the HR and the regular employees. The application lets its users to log into the system and see public information about their colleagues. It gives an opportunity to send them e-mails through the registry and execute searching between them.

The software provides extra functionality for the HR team, as they can register and evaluate interviews, attach profile pictures and CV documents, and classify employees into teams.

My thesis demonstrates the features of Java Spring framework and presents its power in order to create web applications. In addition, it provides an overview of AngularJS framework including the two-way data binding and the practice of controllers.


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