Development of HR Management System

OData support
Dr. Szikora Béla
Department of Electronics Technology

In my thesis I work with providing IT support for the Human Resources (HR) management, putting emphasis on integrating semantic technologies into the selection process.

Firstly I present the concept of HR management, its place in a company's structure, going through its most important functions. I provide examples for the possible IT support looking at a theoretical as well as a practical example.

I introduce the basics of the semantic technologies, and of building and using ontologies. I showcase examples of use of semantic systems in the process of workforce selection.

Then I set the goals: first developing an HR support system in SAP and a semantic one in Java environment, then integrating the both. I present the systems affected and technologies used, emphasizing why I chose them for the solution.

I present the structure of the system, starting with the HR management one developed under SAP, followed by the external component built on semantic technologies, going over the connections of the systems used, and finally I show the integration of the whole architecture.

Then I go over the functions from the user's perspective. The system supports multiple users, handles different user access rights.

At the end of the work I summarize the advantages of the created system and present some possible improvements.

As a summary I state that semantic technologies can successfully be integrated into HR IT systems providing extra functionality.


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