Building an HTML5 application

OData support
Albert István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The purpose of my thesis is to uncover the performance and capabilities of HTML5 for which, I developed and tested a tower defense game which can be played over the network. The developed application will serve to present many of HTML5’s new functions, such as the canvas element which enabled game development on the HTML5 platform, the Websocket technology for network communications, or vector graphics for its excellent ability to display scalable graphics.

First, I present the technologies used by my program’s features, then the more complex logics behind my application. For this, I carried out a deep research and I show a detailed presentation followed by a comparison to decide which technology or logic to use for each part of my game.

Then comes the design and presentation of the game structurally and behaviorally. This will be done with class diagrams accompanied by description of the interaction between each module. Also, there will be also an analysis of unforeseen problems I faced during development and the solutions for them.

Finally comes the completed application’s testing where the game execution will be monitored using different browsers. The results of these tests and the experience of development will serve to form an image of developing applications in HTML5.


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