HTML5 based training log

OData support
Fehér Péter
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays, web applications have an increasing role in our lives. These programs can provide assistance for all kind of people in different areas, such as in workout plans. A training log application, where we can name our favourite sports, offers a user interface to register our trainings. Beyond basic functions, it offers lots of other services like showing statistics or marking places of workouts on a map.

In the course of my work I created an application with the functionalities mentioned above. During its development I got acquainted with numbers of new technologies. The web application was built in ASP.NET MVC framework, and is integrated into a webshop system. An Android mobile application was developed as well. In addition, I used several other class libraries that all extended my tools, thereby enlivened the final application.

In my thesis, firstly I pan out about my research work which shows the similar solutions on the market, as well as the technologies that were required for the development. Next, I delineate the planned functions of the application, the architecture of the system and the database structure, which was created in the designing phase. In the largest proportion of my document I talk about the decisions and problems that I had to make and deal with during the implementation of the training log functions. Finally, I summarize my thesis and analyse the further development opportunities.


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