Building a game based on HTML5

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Albert István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The most important expectation of the users is to access and use their programs with the smallest effort possible. Nowadays this expectation is satisfied by web applications mostly. They don't need to be installed on the computer and they don't need any extension tools. The only two things that are required to run a web application is a stable internet connection and a modern browser. If these two requirements are satisfied we can get our favorite applications by typing a web address in the browser. In developed regions like Europe, North America, East Asia and Australia these two requirements are commonly satisfied. It's not surprising that most popular technologies to develop applications are web technologies. Watching movies, listening to music, viewing and editing documents, playing games. Just a few example from such activities that take place in browsers.

We have the opportunity to develop programs like these since the HTML5 standards appeared. HTML5 brought us a lot of new technologies. From these technologies I will present in details the canvas html element and the WebGL technology. Canvas is a new element which is capable to display two and three dimensional graphics, WebGL is the JavaScript API with that we can render for three dimensional content on the canvas. To use these two technologies we have to use the JavaScript programming language. After I presented these technologies in detail in my thesis I will create a three dimensional games based on these tools.


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