HTML5-based Game Development

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Dávid Zoltán
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

With recent years' advances in technology and the expansion of the internet, web technology has been receiving increased attention. Currently, development is proceeding in multiple directions, aiming to fill existing gaps based on experience thus far. Several options had already been accessible, but these were manufacturer-specific, lacking a standard solution.

One of the main goals of HTML5 is to provide standard solutions to growing needs. HTML5 is not a single technology, but the sum of multiple individual standards, continually expanding. With its help, we can finally get standardized solutions to a myriad of options which are not only useful when creating ordinary websites, but also in case of multimedia content and game development as well. Until now, use of these was restricted by browser plugins, but with HTML5 we can now place audio/video elements or even games on our websites without fear of compatibility issues.

HTML5 is without doubt the future of web applications, its widespread support means certain success for the technology, guaranteeing that the acquired knowledge can be put to use in the future, and our programs and games will be functional and accessible. The platform is already perfectly suitable for web game design, and further increase in popularity can be expected in the future, when standard 3D context gets implemented.

In my thesis I will first and foremost be discussing the prospects of game design in HTML5, review the required technologies, then display the inherent capabilities of HTML5 through an example of a 2D platformer and the related game engine.


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