HTML5 based XMPP client optimized for mobile devices

OData support
Dr. Kővári Bence András
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The spread of smartphones and mobile devices eventuates that portable devices take the role of personal computers in internet communication.This process provides a potential for mobile platforms, like Android, iOS or Windows Phone.

Various platforms are built on different technologies, therefore different implementations are needed for a specific problem. The approach of cross-platform solutions – which implies to cover those differences – could infer business or even technical advantages. However, platform independence can raise the risks and it can limit the opportunities.

In the field of network communication, the standard and well-known solutions could have a significant social impact, like in the case of e-mail. The XMPP technology, invented for the purpose of real-time communication and messaging, could have a similar impact regarding its extensive network.

In this paper I study the prospects of mobile mutli-platform and the XMPP protocol, based on HTML5 web technologies. My goal is to create a platform independent chat client application, that serves standard messaging processes based on sophisticated technologies. For the integration of web technologies into mobile I used the PhoneGap framework and for building the application architecture I used AngularJS and Ionic frameworks.

The extensive support of HTML5 made it competent to create an installable application, that acts on mobile specific requirements. At the same time its toolkit seemed to be limited in contrast to native solutions, and also some problems were solved with intense effort.


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