Integrating HTML5 into an eMagazine framework

OData support
Albert István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Almost every modern devices, which people use every day, runs an operating system – smart telephones, tablets, smart televisions, smart washing machines, etc.. These devices use different operating systems. Developers who make applications to these devices have to cover a wide variety of technological knowledges, and every program needs different implementations to the different platforms in order to make the application work on multiple platform.

My task is to integrate a control, which can show web based contents, into an existing eMagazin framework. The control contains some built in example contents to demonstrate its capacity to show different useful contents and the control also can show any more web based contents.

The first part of the thesis demonstrates different solutions to platform independent programming, shows their toughness, and presents the technics used for implementing the webcontrol into the framework.

The second part of the thesis details the requisites and the implementation of the webcontrol on the Windows 8.1 Store, Android and WPF platform, and reveals any difficulties to the other platforms. Finally, the thesis shows some example of usage within the built-in contents and a custom one, and defines further improvements.


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