Development of a game application that uses HTTP based real time communication

OData support
Gódor Győző
Department of Networked Systems and Services

In today’s rapid word, people are increasingly strive to spend their free time with something that is useful to them. They try to minimize the time devoted to things that is not usefull to them, for expample configure a newly purchased phone, or install a newly released software. Based on this, the ideal software should be available almost immadiately, regardless of place and time. As the technology advances, the mobile network system’s boundaries are disappearing, so for example a website is accessible almost from anywhere, without prior configuration, regardless of the client’s hardware. The existence of the continous connection allows us to create real time information exchange services, which can be used in many appliaction forms. This thesis will introduce such a real time web based application. It will also describe the details of the available technologies that can be used to maintain real-time connection, and present an engine that uses an effective one of them. This engine allows continous communication between the clients, using just a browser. It is also among the goals to create a sample application based on this engine, and collect measurement data about it’s effectiveness.


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