Comparative analisis and optimization of conventional and superconducting large transformers

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Dr. Vajda István
Department of Electric Power Engineering

The power transformers in the electrical grid are the most expensive tools. Very important

factor of the election the total owning cost, which contains the manufacturing and the

operation costs. To this end, capitalization factors are taken into account by requiring the

manufacturers, the no-load losses and short circuit losses costs. Superconducting materials

can bring new, alternative solutions in transformer business. In my paper I present the

main differences between the common and the superconducting power transformers based

on the relevant articles. I present an application which can find the optimal solution for

common and superconductor transformers based on geometric programming paradigm.

This is a simplified model, so we have to check this validity. I made a routine which can

compute the lighning impulse stresses, so we check the strength of the insulation structure.

This is an especially exciting task in the case of superconducting transformers.


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