Development of a laboratory drive system for education purpose

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Dr. Stumpf Péter Pál
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The goal of my thesis is to create a system such can demonstrate the powertrain of an electric vehicle (EV). To accomplish this, I had to use a lot of field of science from my mecharonics engineering studies, therefore system modeling, circuits design, embedded and PC programming, control systems and a little mechanical design will be covered in this paper. The work was started with huge amount of literature research of currently available electric and hybrid cars. Utilizing these findings the system plan was created. In the part of circuit design, each component selection is well justified, usually with proper calculations. By using high frquency converters, converting analogue signal to digital in the shortest path is kept in mind. The embedded software was writen in Cprogramming language for the Texas Instruments C2000 series, moreover the InstaSPIN sensorless control method was used for Field-Orinted-Control, implemented by TI. As the department has several teaching materials from TI, they will be preferred to accomplish unified instruments in the laboratories. All the required features where implemented in a success, and hardware measurements were taken alongside software testing. The project have become complete as a PC based GUI application succesfully operated a simple vehicle model and controlled the motors the way it was needed.


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