Drive controll with PLC

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Oláh István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In the industrial area, it is hard to find any department, which has no connection with the automation. Behalf of this, Siemens provides effective, quick and reliable solutions for industrial automation with Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC). Nowadays, PLCs are not only for managing the traditional analog and digital signals. It has an important role in controlling systems, with its complex and intelligent peripherals.

Amongst these peripherals are the most widely used drive, the frequency inverter, that anyone can control easily. With these devices, you can efficiently deal with tasks like material handling or maintaining production lines, equipments. Most industrial applications use only the main functions of the frequency inverter. For example, run, stop the engine or defining its operational frequency, however it is capable of much more.

The field bus system has a major role in industrial solutions. Probably the most widespread bus system in the last couple of years is Profibus, but we also need to mention Profinet, which is gaining ever-wider scope of applications, which offers even faster data transfer and a single Ethernet network ranging from ground level to supervisory level. By using these bus systems, central controllers are in contact with peripherals or HMIs, which can be easily integrated into the system to allow easy monitoring and intervention.

In my dissertation, the aforementioned tools are all presented and used to illustrate a practical example.


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