Extension of a student project portal with administrative functionaility

OData support
Dr. Goldschmidt Balázs
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

The Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology of Budapest University of Technology and Economics have many courses which uses Hercules web based administration system to manage student’s uploaded work and it’s evaluation. The topic of this thesis is a new web based administration system, which uses Hercules’s modified backward compatible database and realizes different functions from the existing system.

Subject „Szoftver laboratórium 4.” uses a specific scoring system to rate student’s performance, which needs different approach. In this subject students need to work in teams and solve tasks together and they get scores each of their soultions. In order to specify the difference of students’ work, there are three milestones with work percentage of each team member.

The first part of the work was to understand and modify Hercules’s database to be able to store the score of teams’ uploaded solutions, milestones and the percentag of their work at each milestone.

After that became the planning of the view, which is made by using HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery (Javascript) techniques. Latter is used mainly to communicate with server side. At server side a PHP framework handles the secondary tasks which are needed to implement the business logic.

Classes which closely related to the topic are designed by MVC architecture, where classes in Controller role work as mediators between View and Model classes.

The completed system is able to manage teams’ solutions, the work of members by milestones and calculate grades. Grade minimum scores are modifiable as well.

To test the correct work of functions above, I used automated tests generated by Selenium IDE and manual testing in the most popular browsers, and to test units, PHPUnit tests. To check MySQL triggers’ correctness I used queries executed on a test database.


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