Development of a student labor administration system

OData support
Dr. Szabó Róbert
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

This thesis attempts to solve a problem which is for long in existence in the department, namely the administration of student lab exercises. The current order of organizing exercises is disadvantageous for both students and tutors. Students are assigned in advance to lab occasions by the department. If they can't present themselves on the given date, they have to resort to the supplementary occasion. For tutors, providing too many supplementary occasions is wasting resources.

As a solution, the department wishes to implement a system in which students can freely choose from the given lab dates and exchange them among themselves on demand. This way, the voluntarily chosen occasions don't need to be backed up with a supplementary date. To be able to introduce this system, we need to have a software which handles the administration. The following goals were drafted: the program should support the students' exchange of lab occasions, provide a useful interface for tutors to manage subjects, courses, exercises and occasions as well as give an overview of the upcoming labs.

Because of the special needs, choosing an existing application doesn't pay off. That's why I started to work on the Lab Administration System. The thesis includes the details of planning and implementation as well as reviews the resulting product.

The software is based on Ruby on Rails, a dynamically improving, popular web application framework.


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