Student record management application development in WebDynpro

OData support
Dr. Martinek Péter
Department of Electronics Technology

The thesis aims to develop a Web Dynpro application that can be used as a register for keeping information about the students and trainees that work at SAP Labs. The completed system provides a data management system that records students and related data objects (tasks, events, notes). Items can be created, retrieved, modified, deleted, listed, and connections can be built up between them.

However, the complete solution goes far beyond the specific expectations, because of its general approach to the problem. It’s not just a specific student record system, but an application that is able to control objects in general. Multiple reusable and general functions are provided to realize this concept, but there are also serious limitations in the presented implementation.

This document presents the expectations and concepts considered during the design, and the logical units that make up the final product, including database structure, database management layer, model and view. The appendix deals with the dynamic context and UI generation.


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