Supporting Network- and Service Management through the Analysis of S1AP CDRs

OData support
Dr. Varga Pál
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

The analysis of the control traffic appearing in LTE core network (EPC - Evolved Packet Core) enables efficient network and service management. Several of the control procedures (including mobility control, context-management) are taking place at the edge of the core network and the aggregation network: between the eNodeB and MME (Mobility Management Entity) network components.

These procedures that go through this S1-MME interface are embedded into the S1-Application Protocol. My task was to work out typical network and service testing methods with the SGA-7N network-signalling monitoring system, relying on the CDR (Call Detail Record) compiler functionality and its wiewer-application, developed and supported by AITIA International Inc.

After obtaining the necessary knowledge on the LTE network and on the software components of SGA-7N, I carried out various measurements, which were then analyzed in relation to individual CDRs. I documented typical workflows and then I was involved in detecting and correcting network and service faults. Based on the experience gathered about typical procedures on the S1AP interface, my main task was to concentrate on writing the scripts and programs that can ease the operator’s work. Finally, I participated in the functional and performance testing of the software dedicated for monitoring encrypted S1AP data. After concluding my work, I summarized some suggestions for moving forward on S1AP monitoring, CDR creation, and analysis.


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