Network-friend voltage-source inverter drive

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Dr. Veszprémi Károly
Department of Electric Power Engineering

Network friendly voltageinverter drive

The purpose of this work is to build an up-to-date network friendly voltageinverter driven compound (in three steps): Firstly to introduce the frequency converters universally, secondly to design and build the system. Finally, in the third part to analyse a network friendly regenerative voltage source inverter driven system.

In the first part, I give an overview about the underlying principles of the operation of the frequency converter, and the main advantages. Then I concentrate on the voltage source frequency converters. I describe the structure, operation, and features. Then I compare ( from the network friendliness point of view) the traditional system and the network friendly supply/regen system that uses PWM techniques to transmit energy to/from the DC link.

In the second part, I give a detailed description about the design of my system, by specifying the architecture, different parts, and the scaling. At this moment, the whole system is integrated, and come on-stream.

In the third part, after basic parametering and settings the tuning step is performed with advanced parameters, where the goal is to analyse the working system in many different cases. For example: after power factor correction, or in closed loop controlling, taking pictures of the current and voltage sign, or measuring the harmonics.

In this work the theory is also described briefly. The integrated system provides the functionality and makes it examinable. This way the whole system provides a working model in small powerrate for the network friendly voltage source drive, which is widely used in the industry.


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