Enhancing features of a network monitoring system upon intelligent evaluation of the Spanning Tree Protocol

OData support
Dr. Cinkler Tibor
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

This thesis deals with the Spanning Tree Protocol, and its deep analysis which can be used for network discovery purposes. In the introductory part of this essay, we give an overview about the background of exercise to be done and give a short discussion about the work that is waiting for us. We also introduce the reasons that lead to this thesis.

In the following chapters, we give a basic introduction about all the concepts and ideas discussed in this work. All the devices that are capable of running the Spanning Tree Protocol will be coped with. Beyond that, we give a short overview on the history of STP, what were the starting problems that led to this protocol, and how it grew and progressed over the past decades to the one used nowadays.

The first part of our planning deals with the methods of how to get the information provided by the Spanning Tree Protocol from the different kind of equipments. Two choices are available for us, one through the command line interface of the device, while the other is managed by the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP). On our way to the destination, the development of topology discovery algorithm, we exactly point out all the relevant data, we need.

The knowledge of the important information makes it possible to develop the accurate methods which are able to discover the occurred and possible mistakes done by the improper configuration, while give an overview about their impacts on the network.

We also find out another algorithm to identify the place of an equipment and give its neighbors in the local area network. This is done by using other ports as well beyond the active ones; alternative, backup and even blocking interfaces can give us information which is proper enough to discover the LAN topology. In the last section of the thesis we introduce the results given by the developed algorithms, and draw the entire conclusion of the thesis that was collected through our way to destination.


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